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Questions and Answers about PGTM and the Chaplains 

What is the objective or purpose of PGTM?
To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to truckers and to help them become all that God has designed for them to be. 
Why the name Power of God Trucking Ministries?
God loves truckers and He wants truckers to know how much He loves them, for them to live in, and with the power and authority that he has given them as believers.  
What ministry is PGTM under?
PGTM falls under Tony and Cynthia Brazelton Ministries (TCBM). PGTM is also affiliated with Channel 21 Ministries which is a Truck Chaplain ministry.  
What is the story behind this PGTM ministry?
Truckers work in the occupation that is at the heart of our great nation. They work under conditions that can be difficult and strenuous, and often work away from their family and friends. Truckers work in positions similar to our police officers and need the same support and prayers of the great citizens of the United States. They need to know God; His power; and the authority that He has given them as believers of Jesus Christ and the righteousness they walk in because of His sacrifice for mankind. PGTM is part of the many men and women of God that God himself selected to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve truckers of all nationalities, sex and races.  
What does it mean to give your life to Jesus Christ?
This simply means that one believes that God gave His Son as a sacrifice for mankind so that all men and women are able to come into a personal relationship with Him. Also, simply put, it means that one believes in his or her heart and confesses with their mouths that Jesus died for them and was raised from the dead, and they have asked Jesus to come into their heart and live in them.  
This does not mean that a person or trucker will suddenly become perfect but it does mean that you have given God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit an invitation to enter your life for the good.  
Who ordained the Chaplains?
Apostles Tony and Cynthia Brazelton the founders of Victory Christian Ministries International (VCMI), and the Tony and Cynthia Brazelton Ministries ordained the Chaplains. Apostles Brazelton are their Pastors and VCMI is their home church.  
Are the Chaplains truckers by trade?
No. They operate a truck for the ministry only but not for hire. They are truckers by reason of needing a thorough understanding of the occupation that God called the Chaplains to minister to and they enjoy driving trucks and hanging out with truckers.  
Do they have their CDL’s and if so, when and where did they get them?
Chaplain Marshall received his CDL for Alliance Trucking School in 2001. He is attending the Commercial Driving School for a refresher so that he can keep up with Chaplain Marion. She received her CDL from CDS in November of 2017, which required formal classroom training, the performance of straight backs, off-sets, and parallel parking a semi-tractor trailer.
How can I join or partner with this ministry and help to serve the trucking community?
Complete the Partner Information and Contact sheet on this website.  If you are currently a minister of the Gospel, please also contact the Chaplains by calling (571) 522-PGTM (7486) to indicate how you would like to partner with the ministry and serve the trucking community.  
Is there a way that an individual or business can give to this ministry to help carry out it’s objectives?
Yes! All contributions large or small are welcome. Simply forward your contribution to (e-account) or mail your contribution to PGTM, P.O. Box 8114, Fredericksburg, VA 22404- 8114    
How can I find answers to other ministry or bible related questions?
Post your question on the website under Questions and Answers, and we will respond to you with scripture and spiritual wisdom.
Where can I attend services and fellowship with church groups?
See our "Visit VCMI " page that directs readers to ministries throughout the United States and United Kingdom. You may also refer to websites at;; and for ministry locations. 
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